4 Best Motocross Helmet

Best motocross helmet

Welcome to our page on motocross crash helmets if you’re looking for information about the newest and best motocross helmets from manufacturers like Arai, Bell, and Shoei.

The motocross and MotoGP industries are the fastest-evolving environments for motorcycle helmet technology. However, because motocross riders are constantly coming up with new and inventive collision scenarios, dirt bike racers present the toughest challenge to helmet designers. In order to minimize damage, motocross helmet manufacturers must constantly improve their products with features like MIPS, EQRS, and Eject systems. motopluss.com will provide for you 4 best motocross helmet in this post.

How much should you spend on a helmet?

Best motocross helmet
Best motocross helmet

What should I budget for a brand-new motocross helmet? is a question we are frequently asked. How much do you respect your head, exactly? If you want the best motocross helmet protection, we advise you to pay as much as you can. Numerous brands provide a variety of devices at different price points; generally speaking, the more you spend, the more safety features they have. And there has been a significant advancement in motocross helmet technology recently. It can all become a little perplexing.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite motocross helmets at various price points to make it easier for you to choose one that you’re glad to slip your head into. This article includes affiliate links, as you might have noticed. When you buy something after reading this post, we get a tiny commission. However, it has no bearing on our editorial judgment. As sincere as the day is long, we are.

4 Best Motocross Helmet

Airoh Aviator 3: These Best motocross helmet are regarded as the best by several world champions.

Best motocross helmet
Best motocross helmet

World champions like Steve Holcombe, Tony Cairoli, Billy Bolt, Tom Vialle, Jason Anderson, Jeffrey Herlings, Marvin Musquin, Jorge Prado, and Brad Freeman all favor the Airoh Aviator 3. It seems sense that those who rely so heavily on their protective gear would choose the Aviator 3 when you look at its technical specifications.

The Aviator 3, which retails for £599.99 in the UK, is Airoh’s premier off-road vehicle. To ensure the best levels of comfort and protection, the Aviator 3’s shell is offered in four sizes.

In order to discover the optimal shape for maximum performance, Airoh’s engineers used a wind tunnel to create the Aviator 3. Therefore, aerodynamics received a great deal of consideration in order to make the helmet stable even at high speeds. To maximize thermoregulation, and to thermodynamics.

Airoh uses a dazzling array of technology inside the shell with this new device. include AMS2 Plus (Airoh Multi-action Safety System Plus), AMLS (Airoh Magnetic Lining System), and AEFR (Airoh Emergency Fast Release).

Eight air intakes and spoilers with built-in extractors keep the Aviator 3’s cabin comfortable for its occupant even in the toughest circumstances. Comfort is improved by the innovative AHS (Airoh Hydration System), which Airoh integrated into the EPS.

The entirely removable and magnetically fastened hypoallergenic liner makes replacement and removal a snap.

The Aviator 3 comes in a very competitive 1350g weight, six sizes (XS to XXL), and a few color options.

In the UK, there is a substantial dealer network for Airoh products. That’s always a good indicator, and you can frequently find great prices.

THOR Reflex Cast: One of the best motocross helmets at half the price

THOR’s Reflex helmet, which comes in the white/black “Cast” model or the matt black “Blackout” variant, costs around half as much as an Airoh Aviator 3. The designs are really simple, but we think that less is more and other such maxims apply to them.

The Reflex helmet incorporates a dual-density EPS shell with integrated Koroyd for increased energy absorption, a fiberglass reinforced composite shell, and MIPS technology sandwiched between them.

The contoured cheek pads on THOR increase rider comfort. These have quick-release draw tabs and a removable, machine-washable, moisture-wicking DRYFORM comfort liner. Whether someone is religious or not, they don’t like a dirty helmet. Remember that godliness and cleanliness go hand in hand.

Shoei VFX-WR: These Best motocross helmet are among the best, according to the TMX wrecking crew.

Best motocross helmet
Best motocross helmet

It’s worth seeing if they have a basic model if you want a top-notch best motocross helmet at a more affordable price because you may save a ton of money.

A good example of this is the Shoei VFX-WR, where the plain model costs between 399.99 and 529.99 less than the variant with graphics. Even while a basic white, black gloss, or matt black helmet may not be to everyone’s taste, it is just 130 pounds, and who doesn’t enjoy 130 pounds? Exactly.

The Shoei VFX-WR is one of the best-looking skid lids available and offers a lot of motocross helmet for your money when priced under $400. Even when it is sitting there and doing nothing, it is aggressive and appears swift.

The VFX-WR is not just a pretty face

The VFX-WR is loaded of safety measures and exudes quality, but it is not just about appearances. The three-piece EPS liner is improved by a Motion Energy Distribution System (M.E.D.S.) inside the multi-composite and high-performance fiber shell that Shoei has created. The 3D Max Dry cheek pads are also readily removed and washable, and they work extremely well as an Emergency Quick Release System.

The Shoei VFX line has always been a favorite among the TMX wrecking crew since it offers excellent comfort and protection, and most brands of goggles fit most face shapes without the unpleasant dirt ingress that can occur with some helmet/goggle combinations.

We’ve discovered that a Shoei helmet can be worn continuously, which is a testament to their high level of craftsmanship and the efficiency of the cooling ducts, which also improve the helmet’s aesthetic appeal. The VFX-WR has the soothing feeling of a hugging your head, and we’re not sure if our riders were just lucky or not.

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