Best Youth Motocross Gear: A Parent’s Guide

Youth motocross gear

Youth should wear a helmet, goggles, boots, chest protector, knee and elbow pads, gloves, a jersey, and pants, among other safety gear. spend the most of time to find out youth motocross gear for you in the below. Let’s go

Best Youth Motocross Gear

Youth motocross gear
Youth motocross gear

Jersey and Pants

Youth motocross gear, Regarding durability, there isn’t much of a difference between the brands. You can obtain youth motocross gear from any of the main brands that will last much longer than the youngsters will be able to fit into it. So simply choose one that is affordable and appealing to children.


Simple fitting is more crucial than any new helmet technology. It can be difficult to get a helmet for a child because they all feel heavy to them and they can’t always express clearly which one fits best. I discovered that the easiest approach to test was to have my children put on a helmet but leave the chin strap undone before having them shake their heads violently. It was a decent fit if the helmet kept mostly in place.

With some of the incredibly cheap helmets, use caution. For $75, I got my son one of those helmets from the Bilt brand because it suited him well, was stylish, and was affordable. I was startled that he didn’t seem to be enjoying it much after a few youth motocross gear. He kept returning to the truck and just sat there, which was completely out of character for him. Because he was always too hot, his face was always glowing red. I discovered that the helmet lacked sufficient ventilation after giving it a closer inspection. In that helmet, he was sweltering! He quickly fell in love with dirt biking again when I invested just a little bit more on a premium Fox helmet.


Youth motocross gear
Youth motocross gear

Goggles are something that a lot of parents tend to overlook, but once you’ve seen your child with a tiny piece of sand or gravel in their eye, you’ll never forget. For my child, these Fox Main II goggles are ideal.

The lense is clear so it doesn’t interfere with his eyesight, the viewing port is large so he can see clearly, they don’t fog up quickly, and they still provide at least some UV protection. The kid will like wearing it because it complements the other items I’ve shown on this page, which is another wonderful feature.

Chest Protector

On Amazon, there are a ton of roost protectors for a lot less money than this, but I suggest investing in one with superior defense. A chest protector differs significantly from a straightforward roost guard, and I believe that this is an area that should be protected on children. In this area, the fox chest protectors—not roost guards—are also excellent. I suggest the Leatt in this situation since it offers somewhat more protection than the Fox and works better with a neck guard, if one is necessary at the track where you ride.

Knee and Elbow Pads

A number of the Fox knee and elbow pads were tried by us, but we weren’t too impressed. The Fox elbow pads haven’t worked out well for us, but I prefer the Fox knee pads. Their peewee elbow protectors don’t have any hard plastic to safeguard the children, and they velcro poorly. They keep falling off.

Therefore, we advise purchasing these elbow and knee pads for children from Amazon. They are far less expensive, appear to offer better protection than the motocross-specific pads, and don’t seem to come off as frequently.

Since kids’ legs are so little, these knee pads will probably reach the top of the boot even though, in the normal case, you’d want them to extend a bit further down to protect the shin. Personally, I think these are fantastic and help you save a ton of cash.


Youth motocross gear
Youth motocross gear

I advise purchasing gloves that offer more protection than the majority of the certified youth motocross gear gloves. Children frequently crash off their motocross, and as a result, their hands often sustain cuts from cushioning the impact when they land on jagged pebbles or twigs.

These gloves are fantastic because they still allow users to use their fingers to grasp little objects while providing excellent defense. Kids adore the way these appear. So if you want to avoid a few tears, I certainly suggest investing in some form of high-quality hand protection.


The helmet and the boots are the two most crucial pieces of equipment for dirt biking. In general, I advise against purchasing too inexpensive boots. I advise adults to spend roughly $200 on a high-quality pair rather than the less expensive models. For a few reasons, I do not believe that this is always the case with regard to children.

You can feel the gear shift lever much more easily since the costly youth motocross gear boots flex considerably better than the inexpensive ones. This is unimportant for my children since I keep them in second gear forever until they are 9 or 10 years old. Additionally, I don’t like that the cheap motocross boots rely so heavily on stiff leather for protection because the boots become less protective as the leather breaks in. On a kid’s boot, though, they often don’t fit in them for more than 1.5 years anyhow, and they aren’t heavy enough to fully break in the leather. This is why I believe it is acceptable to simply purchase the inexpensive O’Neal boots from Amazon.

Check Craigslist for kids’ motocross boots as another piece of advice! At least in Boise, you can find a ton of secondhand youth motocross gear boots on Craigslist for usually a quarter of the cost! Investing in new boots will look great—for one ride, at least. They will soon get dusty and inferior to the used ones on Craigslist.

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